A Brand New Culinary Creation

The Merlion Fried Rice is certainly the pride of the Connoisseur's Choice group. This dish was specially created to fulfill the need for a truly National Dish.

More often than not, dishes such as Satay Bee Hoon and Sin Chou Chow Mien are offered whenever one visits a Chinese restaurant in any cosmopolitan city in search of a Singaporean dish. These are neither truly Singaporean creations nor are they dishes that Singaporeans can be proud of. There is simply a lack of a true National Dish.


With this need in mind, the Merlion Fried Rice was thus born. A dish that requires just the right combination of ingredients to make it work, it symbolizes how the perfect amount of synergy among the different races in Singapore has brought much success and prosperity in Singapore. It is just like a metaphor, each ingredient representing the different races and religions in Singapore. Individually, each ingredient produce a taste of its own but when combined together their best qualities are brought out, complementing each other, and bringing the dish to the height of its aromatic potential.

A quick to prepare and readily consumed dish, this reflects the fast-paced Singaporean life. Moreover, with rice being a staple in the diet of every major race in Singapore, fried rice can truly be considered the essence of Singaporean cuisine.

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